The 'Look At This Instagram' Parody Sings What We're Thinking

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: collegehumor
The 'Look at this Instagram' parody music video pokes fun at the ridiculous world that has become Instagram.

Using Nickelback's hit song 'Photograph' for the tune, the video follows two avid Instagram users as they snap away and document their daily lives. From mundane pics of toes to snaps of a cat wearing glasses, the parody highlights the fact that anything could look interesting so long as you have Instagram. With such a quick and instant way to capture moments of your life along with the ability to edit the picture at an instant, many people have now gone so Insta-crazy that apparently everything in one's life is deserving of being posted.

As the video caption reads, "The pictures you want to remember. A song you want to forget," the 'Look at this Instagram' parody is a hilarious way to make fun of Instagram fanatics as well as provide a reminder that most things that people post are in fact not that really all that interesting.