- Jan 15, 2008
References: urbandictionary & zypcodes
Launched in late '07, Zypcodes and the zypcodes.com site became an overnight status symbol.

Each zypcodes t-shirt displays the zip code from America's wealthiest zip codes, such as Fisher Island (where celebs like Oprah and J-Lo keep their pieds-a-terre), and Alpine, NJ (known for high-profile rapper residents like Lil Kim). Consequently, the T-shirts have built-in equity, but only for the truly elite. To make them even more exclusive, the shirts are priced in direct ratio to property values in the zipcodes, so a shirt with the Palo Verdes, CA zip can sell for as much as $320.

Overtly snobbish, the site seems to have spawned a viral search frenzy using key word phrases such as "IRTFW". This phenomenon seems to follow a trend toward social network elitism in fashion as seen on invite-only fashion portals.