The Logo Mash-Ups Tumblr Shows Similarities Between Different Brands

 - Sep 28, 2013
References: logomashups.tumblr & fastcocreate
The Logo Mash-Ups Tumblr is clever on a couple of levels. It seamlessly combines two very different brands in a way that makes people think. Not only do the resulting designs more often than not complement each other visually, they also open eyes in terms of similarities between the two companies that have been imaginatively combined together.

Ranging from obvious to abstract, the Logo Mash-Ups Tumblr reads, "The images fall into one of these basic categories: 1. Strangely Familiar: Can you name the brands? 2. Visual Puns: Irresistible logo juxtapositions." For instance, a more superficial mashup involves Taco Bell and AT&T to show how both have prominent bells in their logos. But on a deeper level, the Disney and Fortune reveals how both are all about money.