The Logitech PowerShell Enhances Your iPhone's Games and Battery Life

 - Dec 29, 2013
References: logitech & tuvie
Nintendo and Sony can't be too happy with the release of items like the Logitech PowerShell. The PowerShell is a game system that works using your iPhone 5/5S/5C and fifth generation iPod Touch. It provides a much more natural gaming feeling while also acting as a battery extender for your device. It is designed a lot like a Nintendo DS or PSP in that it has two shoulder buttons, four action buttons and a directional pad.

Smartphone games are becoming more advanced seemingly every month, but playing them on a device devoid of buttons and a d-pad still feels a bit odd. Incorporating these buttons into smartphones would make them too bulky and odd looking, which is why products such as the Logitech PowerShell are made to bridge the gap. Being able to game on the go and keep your phone juiced up is about as good as it gets.