The L'Officiel Brazil Nicole Heiniger Photoshoot Blends Gendered Apparel

The L'Officiel Brazil May 2015 editorial produced by photographer Nicole Heiniger blends apparel typically suited to both men and women. Stylist Flavia Lafer pulled off these striking looks with the help of model Ana Beatriz Barros who posed elegantly in front of a simple, pale grey backdrop.

Feminine and masculine elements are visibly apparent in this L'Officiel Brazil series. This is evident in Lafer's use of high rise trousers, nude fur-trimmed coats and grey outerwear pieces, items that are frequently separated according to gender.

An unusual blend of glamor and casual couture is also at the fore of Heiniger's images. This is reflected in chunky reflective shoes, jewel-encrusted jackets and metallic fabrics that channel multifaceted settings and distinctive high fashion motifs.