The Locca! Locating Device Keeps an Eye on Keys, Bikes and Pets

 - Jun 13, 2013
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If you’re someone who always loses things, the Locca! tracking device could very well be your new best friend.

Invented by a German company, the Locca! is a small compact gadget that helps people keep a watchful eye on all sorts of things. The Locca! features a GPS, SIM card, microphone and an LED device. Like a pair of walkie-talkies, there are two devices in a set so one can be placed with a phone, set of keys or on a pet’s collar and the other kept with the user. If you want to locate the other Locca!, simply press the button at the very top and use the GPS feature to guide you. With a long-lasting battery, motion sensor and a waterproof design, the Locca! is the perfect tool to help save time when searching for missing things. Also, the Locca! Mini and Locca! Phone are perfect for pets, small children and car keys.