'MOSSdesigners' Use Moss in Interior Design

 - Apr 21, 2011
References: verdeprofilo & verdeblog.verdeprofilo
Imagine a piece of living nature in your urban bathroom; no, not in a jar, but in the ceramic tile. How about a 3D wall decoration or bookshelf or coffee table so vivid that you feel your furnishings actually breathe and participate in your daily routine? Impressive.

The integration of nature with interior design is achieved by the MOSSdesigners of Verde Profilo. They use living moss, from Northern Europe, add a little bit of hi-tech science and research and the magic is done. The results take your breath away: six beautiful MOSScolors (called wasabi, liquorice, vanilla, menta, cumin and green pepper), clever made-in-Italy design objects (MOSStile, MOSSlight and others) and their endless combination possibilities.

Now you can add a touch of eternal green to your metropolitan walls, which is especially recommended for notorious home-plant-neglecters. Is this the beginning of nature getting back a small piece of metropolitan land? I hope so.