The Livia Firth 2011 Golden Globes Dress is Glamorously Green

 - Jan 18, 2011
References: prophetik & treehugger
The Livia Firth 2011 Golden Globes dress is a rare example of a celebrity outfit that succeeds on more levels than mere aesthetics.

In addition to being beautifully cut and glamorous, the Livia Firth 2011 Golden Globes dress was also made entirely from Ahimsa silk, which is a material that doesn’t involve the mistreatment of silk worms to produce. Though it might seem like a small gesture, Livia Firth's remarkable choice to wear an eco-conscious dress at such a high-profile event is an important step forward for this kind of fashion. By demonstrating at such a public event that eco-fashion can be both glamorous and entirely possible, there is a very good chance that other celebrities will also be more inclined to go green in the future as well.