The Liverpool Villahermosa by Inaki Echeverria

 - Apr 24, 2012
References: & frameweb
The Liverpool Villahermosa retail shop is designed by local firm Inaki Echeverria. Located in the heart of the Mexican city, the bold department store features a dynamic and highly distinctive design.

A number of concrete propellers were used to create the shop's awe-inspiring facade. Aiming to modernize the retailer's branding, this future-friendly architecture piece is reminiscent of a sound wave diagram. Concrete elements are placed equal distance apart, giving the building's face a three-dimensional quality.

According to architect Ivan Parra of Inaki Echeverria, "the facade creates a sense of movement and features color changing lighting that alters in accordance to time of day." The Liverpool Villahermosa store showcases a sculptural focal point. Imaginative and memorable, this alluring architecture piece is anything but traditional, embracing innovation and forward-thinking design concepts.