Nanopoint Celltray

 - Jul 31, 2007   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: gizmodo
Our cells are invisible to the naked eye, making them a difficult field to study. Researchers have made an astounding breakthrough which will ease the jobs of cell researchers. The Nanopoint cellTRAY cell slide has an integrated bio-incubator which allows scientists to create time-lapse images of living biological cells for the first time.

"The technology is a standard microscope slide with a twist; it incorporates an incubator to sustain the life of cells encapsulated within it. The viewable area is split into 7,614 wells, containing a liquid medium. The wells are linked by a micro fluidic channel system that is able to supply nutrients, reagents and remove toxic wastes that build up."

Implications - This is a huge breakthrough for the scientific community. Scientists are constantly searching for better ways to explore the natural world, which provides the opportunity for technology developers to continue inventing new devices that will aid in the forward movement of the scientific frontier. For the geniuses trying to make new discoveries, new resources are always welcomed.