The LIT Fitness Tracker is Perfect for Working out

 - Apr 8, 2013
References: nznlabs & vimeo
Whether you walk, run, swim, skateboard, surf, bike, etc, the LIT Fitness Tracker is a new, inventive product that tracks your activities. Not only will it track your steps and the distance that you travel, it will track your airtime, jumps, paddles or drops.

The durable and waterproof design of the Tracker allows you to wear it anywhere and everywhere; not to mention it comes as a watch and a clip-on, so it’s easy to wear for even the most extreme activities. The real beauty of this device is its ability to create friendly competition among friends in a number of ways.

Firstly, once it tracks your physical activity you can share your progress with friends. Also, it allows you to create challenges with your friends. For example, you can set a challenge of who can run the farthest in a weekend. You set the dates and who the challenge is with, then let LIT be the judge.