Pedro Macahdo's Lisboa Bike Harnesses the Power of Yin and Yang

 - Sep 10, 2011
References: pedromachado & designbuzz
The Lisboa Bike is one of the most reasonably designed concept bikes you are likely to come across. Designer Pedro Machado has designed the Lisboa to suit the needs of the modern urban explorer. The Lisboa's unique design incorporates an electric motor, water tank, and even the yin and yang symbol.

The Lisboa Bike has an electric motor mounted in its front wheel with the battery discreetly melded into the frame. The bike's water tank is also installed into the frame and keeps riders from having to reach for their water bottles while they're on the go. The bike has spokeless wheels, with each wheel divided to resemble the two pieces of yin and yang.

The Lisboa Bike is a great design because it puts functionality before flash.