'Lipstick Enigma' Mixes Engineering and Beauty Advertising

 - Nov 4, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
References: janetzweig & laughingsquid
'Lipstick Enigma' is a new art installation from Janet Zweig that uses 1,200 sticks of lipstick to spell out messages that "mix the language of engineering with the language of beauty advertising."

'Lipstick Enigma' is motion-activated and computer-powered. The computer follows rules and lexicons set by Zweig to form the jumbled sentences for curious passersby to see. Check out the featured images and video to see 'Lipstick Enigma' in action.

Implications - A tube of lipstick has become a symbol of femininity in today's society, which is ultimately the goal of all products. Such strong symbolism is not difficult to capitalize on; however, it is difficult to achieve. Constant exposure to a product will solidify its status as a pop culture symbol, prompting businesses to stay consistent and frequent in their releases.