The Lineage MIDI Guitar Features an LCD Graphical User Interface

 - Jul 28, 2015
References: lineageguitar & gizmag
The Lineage MIDI is one of those high-tech products that packs so many different kinds of functions that it's difficult to classify or put in a box. This device looks like a full-scale Stratocaster electric guitar, but happens to feature its own on-board LCD user interface, making it straddle the line between digitally boosted guitar and tactile MIDI controller.

This contraption cab be set to regular tuning or any number of custom tunings at the simple push of a button. Each string's tension can be individually set independent of the tuning, allowing for more stability and easier string bending regardless of the tuning. Moreover, the string gauge doesn't impact the pitch or tone so all strings bear the same feel, meaning less chance of snapping a string or picking up rust.

The Lineage MIDI will particularly appeal to those guitarists who happen to be interested in MIDI music-making and are up for blending the best of both worlds.