The Line Coofe Table Challenges the Space that it Occupies

 - Jun 13, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
It's no longer very impressive to simply build a table with four parallel legs and a flat surface, and the Line Coofe Table truly pushes the boundaries of what a bench can be.

The peculiar wooden piece does, of course, feature three lumber limbs and a relatively horizontal surface, but each of the legs has been installed on 35-degree angles, demanding increased strength at the joints as an overall sturdy structure. The top of the coffee table is composed of an aligned cluster of timber segments that meet to create common edges on three sides and a jagged one on the fourth. Not satisfied to act as a mere surface for placing things, designer Alper Nakri gave 'tHE LIne cOOFe tABLE' a drop-down ledge to act as a book holder, and a single protruding magazine rack.