The Out of Ashes Photo Series by Lindsey Whiddon is Radiant

 - Jan 16, 2011   Updated: Jul 19 2011
'Out of Ashes' by Lindsey Whiddon is brilliantly lit, playing with lights to create these riveting images. The intense lighting elevates the energy of these shots, giving them a horror-film appearance.

Lindsey Whiddon captures her subjects in a dimly lit environment, giving them a creepy surrounding to interact with. The ingenious use of Christmas lights to illuminate the gown created a visually stunning masterpiece that is both eerie and elegant.

Implications - Her use of lighting results in images that almost look vintage, as they have a very black and white or sepia feel to them. Her subjects are not over-exaggerated but pose naturally and wear plain styles. These exquisite snapshots prove that photographs can be memorable for their simplicity and natural beauty.