Lindsay Morris Shot the Birthday of a Woman with Down Syndrome

One of the best days in a young woman's life is her wedding, so Janice Di Joeseph decided to reciprocate those feelings for her daughter who has Down Sydrome and get the entire process captured by photographer Lindsay Morris. Di Joseph planned a wedding-themed surprise birthday for her daughter Ricchina's 25th birthday.

Di Joseph decided to plan the party after being constantly questioned by Ricchina about why she couldn’t get married. "I would die whenever she asked, because I didn’t know what to say," she said in an interview with Slate.

Morris managed to capture the event beautifully. She wanted "to give people a glimpse into the world they're unaccustomed to seeing." The images capture the joy Ricchina experienced, reveal people overcoming stigmas associated with disability and show the power of love between a mother and daughter.