Linden Gledhill Miniature Masterpieces with a Microscope and a Projector

 - May 18, 2013
References: flickr & thecreatorsproject.vice
Linden Glendhill is a biochemist and his latest work sees him enlarging microscopic images to create the beautiful, blown-up artwork set to some similarly captivating music. Linden Glendhill is a biochemical artist who specializes in using and manipulating the beauty of moving liquids, and now even molecules, to create his eye catching artwork. In his latest art series entitled 'Immunity,' Glendhill experimented with liquids and crystals to create stunning visuals.

Set to the musician Jon Hopkin's forthcoming album, Glendhill is an artist whose is embracing technology, science and art all at once. His work isn't limited to just molecular reactions, as his microscopic captures also see him documenting wonderfully enlarged captures like butterfly's wings and snow flakes.

This was no easy feat by any means, as Glendhill created a series of 10,000 images for the content of Immunity .