The Iguana Commuter Blends Military Technology with Luxury Features

The Iguana Commuter is a high-tech limousine yacht that is designed to be able to comfortably navigate both water and land with minimal fuss and maximum luxury.

The highlight of this limousine yacht is the powertrain that descends from the hull at the simple push of a button, at which point the Iguana Commuter transforms into an amphibious vehicle. With a lightweight carbon fiber, aluminum and stainless steel powertrain, the Commuter offers maximum durability and engine efficiency. Meanwhile, customizable color and fabric options enable owners to make the Iguana Commuter their very own.

While amphibious vehicles are perhaps best associated with military designs and applications, France-based builder Iguana is looking to bring these sorts of vehicles into the mainstream luxury market, a bold example of inspiration taken from one industry and applied to another with spectacular results.