The LimBIC Chair Will Stimulate Both Your Mind and Body

 - Aug 6, 2012
References: inno-motion & businessweek
Conventional wisdom dictates that a chair should possess a solid, flat back and seat; however, Dr. Patrik Künzler, the CEO of Inno-Motion, aims to challenge that notion with his design, the LimBIC chair. Künzler spent six years developing the LimBIC chair, which combines the best of ergonomics and neuroscience. This innnovative office chair actually stimulates both your body and your mind! But all that stimulation doesn't come cheap -- the LimBIC chair will cost you $8,500 a pop.

As for its actual design, the LimBIC chair was made so that it supports the user's spine while accommodating a wide range of body movements, such as stretching or twisting. Instead of sitting the traditional way -- upright with legs bent at the knees -- the user's feet are suspended in the air. What this does is create a weightless feeling, which, according to Künzler, helps to stimulate creativity and feelings of happiness. These claims haven't yet been verified, but according to Bloomberg Business Week, Künzler says that customer feedback so far has been extremely positive.