OOAD and OOIIO Architectural Firms Have Created a Floating Community

 - Dec 27, 2011
References: ooiio & designboom
OOAD and OOIIO architectural firms from Portugal and Spain have combined to conceive an incredible waterfront community. A totally futuristic take on community planning inspired from lilly pads creates a futuristic look on a community that eerily seems like Venice in a microcosm.

This residential concept would have parts of the community literally floating on the water very similar to the way a lilly pad floats. The concept would be home to a whole community that not only is right on the water, but is also intertwined by using the water to string together nestling such as in Venice. The design team didn't stop the innovation there though -- that'd be too easy. Instead they also plan to retrofit the entire community to be functional on green energy from solar panels, geothermal technology and water recycling. This is an incredible take on nature with support from historical breakthroughs.Photo Credits: designboom, ooiio