Liliana Krynska's Art Cards Don't Pull Any Punches

 - Apr 5, 2010   Updated: May 24 2011
If you're angry, bitter or brokenhearted, Liliana Krynska's belligerent greeting cards are perfect. After all, for every "I love you" out there, there's also an "I don't love you."

This set of greeting cards by Liliana Krynska was inspired by the less glamorous side of love, from breakups and heartaches to disappointments, pain, anger and jealousy. Sound familiar? If so, then why hold back?

Implications - Krynska describes herself as an "emotional junkie, painter and insomniac." The creative woman's cards have sayings such as "you are so useless now" that are written on paper that looks like it has been burned. The anger-filled cards deliver messages that could possibly hurt someone deeply. Just think before you give!