The Affix Sunflare Panels are Light Enough to Be Used on All Surfaces

 - May 7, 2016
References: sunflare-solar & fastcoexist
Sunflare is a start-up brand specializing in the creation of lightweight solar panels that can be applied to virtually any surface thanks to its incredibly durable and feather-weight texture. This allows the solar panels to be incredibly multifunctional, and easy to adhere to all sorts of surface to increase the use of the sun's rays as natural energy.

While solar panels are a popular alternative to fossil fuels, many designs tend to be heavy and require specialized techniques to put them in place. In contrast, the Sunflare solar panels are incredibly lightweight, and require noting more than a "3M tab on the side of buildings" to secure into place according to design blog Fast Co Exist. This means the panels can be used on all sorts of objects from trailers to homes, offices and even skateboards.