These Light-Up Ties Add Some Flair to Traditional Formalwear

 - Jul 29, 2013
References: etsy
Sometimes men's formalwear can get a bit repetitive; to shake things up a little, Etsy seller ElectricStyles has created some fun, light-up ties.

These minimalistic glowing neck accessories are the perfect way to spice up a traditional suit-and-tie combination. ElectricStyles has created three different colors of glowing neckties: green, purple, and blue. Each of these colors is subtle, emitting a neon glow that rests somewhere between a nightlight and a nightclub sign.

Novelty ties make for awesome gifts, and are always a great way to get a conversation started at get-togethers or parties of any sort. A glowing tie is sure to catch the eye of any party guest who never dreamed that a simple necktie could be transformed into a dazzling light show.

In addition to emitting a soft glow, these ties have a second mode: blinking. This mode, consisting of a flashing LED light instead of a constant one, is perfect for dance floors in night clubs in need of something complementary to their strobe lights.

With this tie, ElectricStyles has taken novelty ties to a whole other level; its LED light-up ties can transform even the quietest soul into the life of the party.