- Aug 2, 2014
Perfect for anyone who needs a little cheering up, these comforting gift baskets are offering some great ways to add a little fun to someone's day.

Perfect for birthdays, special occasions or simply just as a pick-me-up, these gift packs offer everything from beauty products to break-up survival tips. Gone are the days when gift packs consisted of mere candy and party favors. Nowadays, consumers are looking for more personalized gift options, requiring subscription services and retailers to incorporate more meaningful and customized gift alternatives. From kits that provide products for pet maintenance to those that feature all the essentials for a romantic holiday, these creative gift packs are sure to delight anyone feeling a bit down or under the weather.

A fun alternative to traditional presents, these gift packs will surely add a humorous touch to anyone's day.

From Playful Snack Baskets to Cereal-Made Candy Carriers: