The Lighthouse Hotel's Turbine Elevations Generate Electricity

Hotel turbine elevations generate electricity from renewable wave energy in the Lighthouse hotel which is designed onto a deactivated off-shore oil rig in South Korea.

Layered aluminum elevations wrap around the three building elements that contain the hotel's living, lobby, and social areas. You can reach the hotel by boat as it stands in waters of up to 1,500 feet deep.

The embedded flip-wing turbines are held in position by the aluminum elevations. As they are lowered into the waves, the turbines oscillate similarly to a wave surge converter. The primary structure of the hotel aims to generate enough electricity to power the lighthouse's lantern room and the desalination plants, while any surplus is stored.

The existing tension leg platform supports the hotel's new hydraulic frame and pivot. This pivot choreographs the elevations' movements as they are lowered or rotated into the waves for optimum turbine exposure. The hotel's design objective is to be energy-positive.