Life is Beautiful by Farhad Moshiri is Philosophically Ambiguous

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: perrotin & mymodernmet
People's very existence can be like a double-edged sword; it is that truth that makes the art installation aptly titled Life is Beautiful by Farhad Moshiri so poetic. From afar, this artwork may appear like a typical work of typography, but up close it becomes apparent that each letter was formed with countless knives.

Staked directly into a wall at Palazzo Grassi in Italy, Life is Beautiful by Farhad Moshiri may have an overall positive statement, but underneath lies a touch of artistic cynicism that is captured through the use of potentially violent materials. According to My Modern Met, the Iran-based artist doesn't believe he is making a statement with this art installation. Nevertheless, it is this neutral stance that makes Life is Beautiful even more ambiguous.