The Lexon Flip Timepiece Makes Setting the Time Super Efficient

 - Apr 19, 2013
References: firebox & thegreenhead
Having to properly figure out how to set an alarm in the morning can be a strenuous task, but the Lexon Flip Alarm Clock is creatively designed to make setting an alarm in the morning easy and efficient.

While it can be a hassle having to set your alarm and subsequently trying to find the proper way to turn it off in the morning, the Lexon Flip is fully equipped with two sides that reflect the on and off buttons. All you have to do is set the alarm to wake you up at the desired time, then simply flip the clock over to the labeled 'on' side. When the alarm goes off in the morning, just flip the clock over to the 'off' side, or simply touch the sensor-activated button to stop it.

This timepiece is perfect for anyone who tends to have trouble waking up in the morning.