The Leticia Lamb Elle Mexico Series is Both Vibrant and Subdued

With the rise of retro fashion, the Leticia Lamb Elle Mexico photo series shows that girls can get a little crazy creative with styling. In particular, this magazine spread encourages the use of various textures, creating looks that are full of dimension using unique fabric landscapes.

Shot by fashion photographer Jason Mickle, the Leticia Lamb Elle Mexico magazine spread is set against alternating backdrops, each accenting the feel of each outfit. Styled by Joseph Episcopo, Lamb is draped in elegant, lady-like '40s fashion that is at once vibrant and subdued. Pulling pieces from fashion houses such as Stella McCartney, Miu Miu, Lanvin and Salvatore Ferragamo, he effectively shows that many designers are hopping on the vintage bandwagon.

The Leticia Lamb Elle Mexico editorial is part of the magazine's latest issue.