Let The Kids Run Infographic Shows Playing Outside is Important for Kids

 - Mar 16, 2014
References: thenursingbible & thenursingbible
As kids spend more time inside glued to their electronic devices, they are also consuming a ton more sugar and calories than ever before; this infographic shows the negative impact these habits have on children.

Since the 1980s, kids have spent less and less time outdoors and more time on their computers and in front of their televisions. Eating habits have also drastically changed since the 1970s; on average children consume an extra 200 calories a day and the average American consumes 15 pounds of sugar per year. Obesity rates have skyrocketed and time spent outside has plummeted.

Playing outside has too many benefits to be ignored; it enhances cognitive skills, gives them practice at conflict resolution and self control, and being active helps prevent obesity and leads to healthier heart.