Veronica Watson Remakes Lemonade By Beyonce Using Building Blocks

The visual music video film Lemonade by Beyonce is cinematically reconstructed entirely out of LEGO building blocks in this version by Veronica Watson. The installation creatively rebuilds iconic scenes from the short film by the pop star using colored building blocks. The scenes are rendered as tableaux, and capture the essence of the video using a much more geometric aesthetic.

Watson is a former architectural student and a top builder at the Legoland Discovery Centre where she was able to put together this Beyonce-inspired piece. The designs capture Beyonce in iconic scenes such including her strutting in the famed yellow dress.

Watson explains her methodology in an interview with The Huffington Post as, "The album was so visually captivating and I thought LEGO bricks could be a really great way to interpret some of her now iconic imagery."