This Leica Store in California Features Minimal Fixtures

This Leica store in California designed by WZ Architecture was themed around technology, art and education, just like the brand's culture. The San Francisco shop is situated inside a historic building, which is only hinted at by a few details inside of the camera store. While the design of the retail space is quite upscale, the built-in elements included in the space are fairly minimal. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, minimalism also offers a cost-effective way to fill a space. On one side, there is ample space for products to be displayed, while on the other, there's room for a series of photographs to be featured as they would in an art gallery.

Because this design project was undertaken in a historic building, it was vital for WZ Architecture to create flexible spaces, without expanding the store's façade and incurring additional costs and changes to the iconic building.

As more brands become interested in experiential marketing and hosting in-store events, multipurpose spaces are being embraced to get the most value out of a single shop.