The Philips 'SceneSwitch' LED Bulbs Shift Between Three Different Hues

The Philips 'SceneSwitch' LED bulbs look to go somewhat against the onslaught of connected light bulbs that have been flooding the consumer product as of recently. Rather than enabling users to choose one of millions of colors, the Philips 'SceneSwitch' bulb offers just three choices: soft white, daylight and warm glow.

The Philips 'SceneSwitch' bulb comes as a response to consumer concerns for the associated problems with LED bulbs. Being that LEDs produce a blue hued light, they can affect a person's ability to relax during nighttime hours and potentially cause sleep disruptions. The Philips 'SceneSwitch' bulb answers this by offering the soft white for use when bright light is needed, daylight for traditional illumination and warm glow for use in the evening to help relax.