Leaf by LagstromWiktorsson is an Eco Neatness Instigator

 - Nov 10, 2011
References: lagstromwiktorsson.se & yankodesign
Westerners practically live to acquire more and more items, and Leaf by LagstromWiktorsson can help people keep their piles of possessions tidy with the help of a system that's efficient and economical to produce. A single set of four clothes pegs comes from one sole piece of material.

What begin as flat steel sheets are laser-cut into a series of circles with four more concentric incisions made to manufacture three additional offcuts. The result is a collection of rings and spots that can be installed into the wall and used effectively as coat racks, hooks and hangers for miscellaneous articles.

Each piece of Leaf by LagstromWiktorsson is bent slightly away from its mounting to create a space to suspend one's things. Bags, reading materials and even climbing plants can find a clever use in these.