'Target Toss Pro' Video Game Provides Entertainment Minus Sharp Hazards

 - Mar 24, 2009
References: targettosspro & prnewswire
When I was growing up, I used to love watching people play with lawn darts. I thought it was a cool game, albeit a little dangerous. My young mind couldn’t figure out why the game wasn’t outlawed because people purposely throw sharpened objects in the vicinity of others, out of season and without permits. (There is no open season on lawn darts players, by the way.)

Well, it turns out that after my fascination faded, they were indeed outlawed.

Not any more!

Incredible Technologies, the makers of Golden Tee Golf, has come out with a video version of Lawn Darts that is sure to keep many a person occupied at a bar without danger of impalement.

Since it’s patterned after the backyard game of yesteryear, it comes complete with a Raw Talk(TM) option which enhances the auditory experience by providing colorful appellations after every shot.

What more could you ask for for a dollar?