Lavender by Brian Fawcett Exudes Fresh Femininity

Floral patterns and prints are winsomely portrayed amidst long rows of their organic inspiration in Lavender by Brian Fawcett. Flourishing meadows stretching as far as the eye can see feature the delicate purple flowers that give this Test Magazine editorial its name.

Fair-haired model Charlotte Nolting is captured looking lighthearted and free as she frolics in the pretty pasture, while together, setting and subject embody the freshness of youth.

Orange, blue and white are the predominant colors of the contemporary fashions in these spreads, mirroring the hues of the vast sky above and the repetitive garden arbors. A mysterious mood is however present in Lavender by Brian Fawcett, which is most evident in the Thomas Giddings video made to accompany the photo shoot.