Mount Redoubt Eruption Has Us Hot For Volcano Inspired Jewelry

 - Mar 24, 2009
References: etsy
Mount Redoubt, a volcano in Alaska, has erupted five times since Sunday, sending smoke and ash into the air near Anchorage. While the damage from volcanoes is devastating, the lava that spews from them offers a rich offering of crafting supplies for jewelery makers.

This gallery shows some wonderful creation using real lava as well as jewelry inspired by lava (like the pieces using dichroic glass). Could the Mount Redoubt eruption spur a new interest in lava jewelery?

Featured artists:

PaintedHorse | MiddleEarths | rokdarbi | dandyapple | EllePdesigns | NorthSeaGlass | waterfalgrl | Jealousydesign | BradPetersonGlass | firelilyjewelrygems | threekissesxxx