Laura Makabresku Captures Beauty in the Simple Things

On the surface, the photographs of Laura Makabresku are straightforward and easy to read, but what lies beneath is an array of powerful emotions and an intriguing story that pulls a viewer in. The talented artist explores human relationships with the surrounding world through her insightful photographs which capture odd and unusual moments in the every day.

At just twenty years old, Makabresku has an insight and wisdom into the world and the voice and vision of an old, yet ageless soul. Calling herself a "design, photography and craft enthusiast," the Polish photog is stil growing as an artist, but shows incredible promise for what is sure to be a fruitful career.

Implications - Art often serves as an insight into emotions for its viewers and appreciators. Artists have an ability to tap into emotions through an alternative lens that grounds people in a rational perspective and provides an outlet and escape from the pressures and confines of everyday life. Thus, the use of truly artistic materials in advertising and branding alike will be beneficial to a company.