The Launchkey App Replaces Passwords with Push Notifications

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: & springwise
The LaunchKey app is designed for people who can never seem to remember their passwords. Actually, it's designed to eliminate online passwords altogether, but it works both ways. LaunchKey is a Las Vegas-based startup that wants you to ditch your passwords and confirm your website logins via your smartphone. Instead of a password, the LaunchKey app pushes a notification to your phone, telling you which website you're logging into and asking you how you want to proceed.

The LaunchKey app has two built-in features that the security-conscious will find especially useful. Orbit shows you a list of all of the sites you're currently logged into. Control lets you lock your launch pad, thus making it impossible for you to log into any websites. It also allows you to deorbit (log out) of all the sites you're currently orbiting. Check out the video to watch the founders of the LaunchKey app explain their concept in depth.