The AuthenTec Eikon Mini is a Tiny Fingertip Scanner

 - Jun 7, 2012
References: store.authentec & gizmag
Keeping your computer files safe from hackers is a little bit easier thanks to the AuthenTec Eikon Mini fingerprint-scanning USB.

While these types of digital security measures are super popular in spy movies and in high-profile agencies, the average consumer generally just relies on their ability to create an uncrackable password to keep their files on lock-down.

However, for only $10 bucks a pop, the AuthenTec scanner is accessible to a wide array of consumers that have important information hidden on their hard-drive that they would prefer stay hidden.

Designed to plug into the USB port of your Mac or PC computer, the tiny gadget ensures that only your unique print can unlock passwords, documents and other personal information that is meant for your eyes only.