The LaserEyes Goggles Were Inspired by Cyclops from X-Men

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: laser-gadgets & gizmag
German laser weapons enthusiast Patrick Priebe has developed 'LaserEyes,' a piece of eye-wear inspired by those worn by the fictional character Cyclops in the X-Men series.

Priebe deploys the LaserEyes' lasers by blinking his right eye, causing a lever to be flipped inside the glasses. The glasses have two red lasers, two blue lasers and blue LEDs in the arms that indicate whether it's powered up or not. The glasses are powered by a lithium-polymer battery. The arms of the LaserEyes don't rest on the wearer's ears but instead go right into their ears, making them closer to what Cyclops' glasses would be like.

Priebe previously built a working replica of Iron Man's laser gauntlet, but he might have outdone himself this time with the LaserEyes. Unfortunately you can't get your hands on these, as Priebe intends to keep them for himself.