Light-Controlled Synth Harp in Action

 - Feb 19, 2008
References: stephenhobley & ohgizmo
Laser harps aren't necessarily new, but this is the first time I've seen a home built one.

In the video, Stephen Hobley moves his hands over the laser beams projected in the air to produce music as the sensors gets blocked. My explanation of the light-controlled synth harp isn't great, which is why you'll have to watch the video.

"The principle is deceptively simple; a reflection sensor watches the beams, and when one is interrupted, it signals a MIDI routine to produce a tone. Sliding your hand up and down the beam can bend notes, or do anything else that you feel like encoding into the MIDI protocol," Oh Gizmo said.

It's wild to see, but the music is disturbingly creepy. Very Phantom of the Opera.