The Lamblamp by Mikloss Kiss Emits a Warm Woolly Glow

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: kissmiklos & muuuz
Seldom are animal skins and furs found on lighting fixtures, yet here we are with the Lamblamp by Mikloss Kiss, covered completely in sheep's wool. The designer has evidently taken the concept of the lampshade to an augmented level with a thick and shaggy material that blocks out all rays from around the coated outside.

A soft golden glow escapes from base of the fluffy pendant lamp from behind a tightly stretched drum of smooth leather. The effect produced exudes a quiet comfort fitting for the central room of a cottage or cabin tucked deep within the woods.

Texturally, the Lamblamp by Mikloss Kiss is remarkably more intriguing that most illuminating objects, for in addition to supplying warm rays to a space, it embodies a gentle tangible quality that creates an all-embracing coziness.