The Lale Coffee Cup Lids Channel Whipped Cream and Circus Tents

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: asliozcivelek & dornob
Designers know that there is always a way to enhance utilitarian functionality with aesthetic delight and these Lale Coffee Cup Lids demonstrate such a marvelous balance. With Shenxing Lui and Anthony Villanacci, Asli Ozcivelek came up with four unique tops for takeout drinking vessels that cater to various types of beverages.

One of the models is intended for sipping hot drinks like tea or java, offering the consumer a projecting spout with a small hole. A straw-specific cap protrudes like a sculpted dome with a petal-like texture and a small opening that pokes out from the center. Another of the Lale Coffee Cup Lids is vacuum formed with a seashell texture to serve as a complete closure. The last type has a smooth bulge and a small slot on top.