This LaCie Hard Drive Can Store 92 Terabytes of Files

 - Apr 23, 2016
References: lacie & gizmag
The 12big Thunderbolt 3 is a spectacularly well built LaCie hard drive that is designed to make it much easier for you to go about storing high-fidelity and heavy files on a reasonably compact and easy to use hard drive, while also enjoying the ability to transfer files at ridiculously fast speeds.

This LaCie hard drive is capable of allowing you to store as much as 96 terabytes' worth of files. It does this by essentially inking together as many as 12 unique hard drives, each of which is capable of working at speeds of up to 7,200 revolutions per minute. The hard drive is designed to be able to run all day long for as long as you want.

Ultimately, this LaCie hard drive caters to people like video professionals who regularly deal with massive files.