The LA100 Version 2 Drone Takes Photos and Videos from the Air

 - Mar 27, 2014
References: lehmannaviation & gizmag
French company Lehmann Aviation has announced the latest versions of its GoPro-carrying drone, the LA100 Version 2. The new drone features various upgrades over the LA100 drone released in early 2013, including Wi-Fity connectivity and a new Windows Phone 8-based operation control interface.

Like the original LA100, the new LA100 Version 2 is designed for photographs and others who want to perform aerial photography or mapping but don't have experience flying drones. The drone and accompanying software are designed for use by people with minimal experience.

Users simply have to program a flight path, launch the aircraft by hand and watch as the drone follows the programmed flight path, taking still photographs or video as desired along the way.

With the old LA100, users had to use a computer or laptop to program the flight path. However with the LA100 Version 2, users can program flight path on a Windows Phone 8 smartphone or tablet, making it possible to choose a flight path on location instead of having to think about it in advance.