The KW2 Room Divider Separates and Brightens Up Spaces

There are many benefits to employing partitions in the arrangement of open plan homes and offices, yet tall privacy screens can come with drawbacks that include the creation of shadows while blocking of light.

Through the KW2 Room Divider, Léon Wohlhage Wernik demonstrates a recognition of this problem, all the more intensified in what is evidently an impermeable opaque surface. While no adjustments can be made to allow sunlight to pass through them, the objects have been installed with a row of LED lights that restore brightness to both sides.

The space separators are freestanding walls that balance against their own curving foundations. The wool felt SchneiderSchram KW2 Room Divider is an effective partition that absorbs acoustics and comes in 15 colors.

Photo Credits: Architonic