Kurtis Rykovich Captures Indifferent Women in His Bizarre Art

 - Mar 7, 2013
References: rykovich & cuded
This series of Kurtis Rykovich depicts stoic women in surreal and whimsical settings. The women each possess oversized eyes and heads, which draws in attention to their emotionless faces. Although the drawings each have quite a bizarre or somewhat alarming nature, the women in the depictions seem to be indifferent.

For instance, one features a girl free-falling from the sky and yet is completely lethargic to this. Another is just nonchalantly sitting on an oversized dog head. For this reason, his works are fascinating.

Perhaps the women created by Kurtis Rykovich in each drawing have become complacent with these obscure lifestyles and so have no reason to show any emotion to it. Unfortunately, this is often the case in real-life too.