Kuba Ryniewicz Travels the World to Capture Spectacular Moments

 - Jul 2, 2014
References: ryniewicz.tumblr & itsnicethat
Polish photographer Kuba Ryniewicz is currently based in Newcastle, but you're more likely to find him in exotic locations such as Myanmar, Thailand, Dubai, Cambodia, Iceland or South Africa. In fact, those are just a few of the places he's visited; Ryniewicz has made it his mission to photograph extraordinary moments in extraordinary places all over the globe.

Ryniewicz often takes the "road less traveled;" in other words, he veers off the much-beaten tourist track, hoping to uncover the rural and urban destinations frequented by locals. As a result, he interacts with interesting people and offers us a glimpse into their equally-as-interesting lives.

Throughout his portfolio, Ryniewicz manages to capture a refreshing sense of spontaneity and intimacy, or, at the very least, a human understanding of his subjects, despite their ostensible differences.