Kristina Sinutko's 'Objectifying Men' Turns the Tables on Relationships

 - Jul 24, 2009   Updated: Jun 22 2011
Kristina Sinutko's 'Objectifying Men' is a series of tableaus that reverse common relationship roles. Rather than objectifying women, as we see frequently in the media, these images objectify men instead.

With photos that range from a male lying vulnerably in bed to a female beer-guzzling couch potato, Kristina Sinutko's 'Objectifying Men' series definitely turns the tables on relationships. Check out some other insightful looks on gender relations below.

Implications - The rise of women empowerment movements has created a society that is constantly moving towards gender equality. Artists, photographers and advertisers are using gender-reversing or androgynous imagery to make statements about this movement. Art that portrays situations of objectification that all females identify with are a popular means of raising awareness to this continuing struggle.